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GMGlobalConnect web portal was designed to be the one-stop shop solution for dealers around the world. General Motors is a leading vehicle manufacturing company that is headquartered in Detroit, it deals in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing American vehicles and vehicle parts. GM is home to GMC, Chevrolet, Cadillac & more renowned names in the game. GM Global Connect portal is the replacement for GM DealerWorld Web and five other portals used by dealers in the different regions of the world.

What is GM Global Connect Login Account?

GMGlobal Connect login account portal ties up all the dealers of this company. This account isn’t for any customer but for the dealers of General Motors that are located in dozens around the world. Before this specific portal, there used to be six different portals that dealt with different regions of the world but General Motors decided to create a hub for collecting all the dealers under one hood. This portal aims to be more featureful and helpful for the dealers that are distributing the products of General Motors around the world. General Motors is responsible when it comes to dealing and marketing their products, this login account is a living example of it.

GM Global Connect portal was introduced back in 2008 to substitute the six old portals that were used by the GM dealers. This web portal includes all the features and functions for dealers to run their business perfectly. By logging into this web portal account, you’ll be able to pull out wonders with just a few clicks. GM has made it easy for the dealers to stay connected and run the business without any problem. Ordering vehicles, submitting warranty claims, reporting delivers, checking the stats, peaking upcoming products, news, exclusive broadcast and you name it, this login portal has everything a dealer needs to shine bright.

General Motors was growing and getting bigger from time to time, dealers were increasing and the traffic was absolutely flooding, old portals were not able to keep up the expectations. GM’s North America vehicle sales, services, and marketing staff designed the new portal in just two years. The first-ever detailed look of this web portal was given during the National Automobil Dealers Association convention back on Feb 9, 2008. This web portal was designed so that GM could easily communicate with its dealerships in the United States and in other 90 countries. This portal makes it easy for dealers to do business with GM.

Benefits & Features of the GM Global Connect Sign in Account

GM Global Connect login account brings a whole new concept of the portal to the dealers, user-friendliness, workbench access, & real-time tracking are some of the features introduced in the new update. You’ll get a lot of control over the business with this new concept portal page by General Motors. They have invested a lot on this web app. Below we have described some of the benefits you get with this login account portal.

Ordering Vehicles – Dealers can now easily order and request vehicles from General Motors by this portal and track the delivery. They’ll get full access to all the information including traffic, time, date of delivery & more.

Submitting Warranty Claims – You can now easily request for warranty claims through this portal without contacting the support directly. It’s now fluid for dealers to claim the warranty on vehicles and vehicle products.

New Design – This web portal introduces a whole new design that is built from scratch by professional developers.

Regular Updates – As this web portal controls the whole dealership business, you’ll get free and regular updates to keep up fluent deals & more.

Top-notch Security – Security can’t be comprised here at General Motors, this web portal delivers quality security to make sure that your business isn’t at risk.

User-Friendly Design – Dealers are not tech freaks, General Motors realizes this fact that’s why this portal is designed keeping in mind about user-friendliness.

Accessing the GM Global Connect Account

Existing Users:

  1. First, head over towards the GM Global Connect account portal that would be located at
  2. Enter the User Name that would be provided to you by General Motors.
  3. Now enter the Password in the second field.
  4. Double check everything.
  5. Now click on the “LOG IN” button that would be located just below the text fields.
  6. You’ll be redirected to your web portal where you can access everything by just a few clicks.

New Users:

  1. It’s not a portal for customers, just dealers can access the web portal.
  2. When you’ll sign up as a dealer with General Motors, they’ll give you a username and password to access the web portal page.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • Customers can’t access the GM Global Connect web portal, it can only be accessed by verified dealers.
  • People are not allowed to exploit the General Motors web portal page.

Resources & Links

General Motors has carefully designed this web portal account to make sure that dealers can connect & easily run the business. Below are some useful links that will help you to explore more about General Motors.


Forgot Your Password?

We all forgot our passwords and credentials, General Motors has got your back on this one. Dealers can just easily reset their account’s password. Just visit the online portal that would be located at and click on the “Forgot Password?” link that would be located just below the text fields. You’ll be redirected to a website. Enter your “User Name” and click on the “CONTINUE” button. Follow the on-site instructions to reset your password.

The website is not working

Reset your internet connection and clear the cache of your web browser. If the website is not working, try using a VPN.

I’m not able to sign in

If you are unable to sign in, just contact the customer care of General Motors.

Final Words

GM Global Connect login portal makes sure that your business is well guarded. Do you have any questions related to this web portal? Comment down below and we’ll surely get back to you soon.

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