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Walmart Family Mobile is offering you an affordable and dependable cellular networking solution to keep you and your family connected at all times. Powered by the networking giant T-Mobile, becoming a member of this mobile phones and contract platform, you can easily choose your mobile phone, select the prepaid plans that you want to go for without being bound to any contract, and enjoy benefits all across the board.

What is Walmart Family Mobile?

Being a pioneer in the retail business with thousands of locations all across the United States of America and abroad, Walmart has been dedicated to bringing the best of everything to its customers. In an attempt to reach out to even more customers in solving their problems regarding cellular networking, the retail giant brings to you a prepaid cellular service in combination with hundreds of mobile devices that are available in its inventory. By selecting the right mobile phone, choosing a prepaid mobile usage plan that comes free of any contract from the carrier, and the network support from T-Mobile to guarantee complete coverage across the country, you and all of your family members can enjoy an affordable and convenient way to communicate all the time.

Benefits & Features of Walmart My Family Login Account

Walmart certainly isn’t an unheard name in the business of selling goods and electronics, with big box brick and mortar stores, along with a significant presence online as well. By entering the crowded mobile network space, Walmart is hoping to make network connectivity affordable for the average Americans by driving down the monthly usage plans by a significant amount, and offer contract-free service which takes away the obligation of paying a premium each and every month.

  • Choose your phone – By combining its expertise in providing the best in class Walmart Family mobile phones from all the major manufacturer brands, Walmart allows you to select the one you prefer. Rather than being stuck with a mediocre device, or a premium one that you simply don’t need but the network carrier forces you to pay for to get monthly mobile data benefits, Walmart’s wireless service lets you even keep an existing phone.
  • No contracts required – Liberating you of the monthly recurring charges that would end up paying if you purchased a phone on contract from the network carrier, Walmart allows you to go tether-free. Neither do you need to bind your mobile device to a single network carrier by signing a contract, nor do you need to pay a monthly fee.
  • Made for the family – Walmart has always been a family-first brand, and the wireless network service that it provides does the same. By choosing a multi-line contract for the parents and the children of the household, you can avail additional discounts and save even more money on your monthly mobile phone expenses.

Accessing Walmart Family Mobile Login Account

Existing Users:

  1. Open a tab in the web browser on your computer and access the online user portal using the following link –
  2. On the main screen, you will have the ability to log in using your Phone # and the Password.
  3. Type in the Phone Number or your registered Email Address, and then hit the Continue button.
  4. You can also use your linked Facebook account to log into the Walmart My Family wireless network plan account.
  5. You should now be able to access the portal and reap the benefits that the wireless network platform offers.

New Users:

  1. Open a tab in the web browser on your computer and access the online user account using the following link –
  2. You can start off by looking for a phone to use the network service by using this link.
  3. If you wish to use the Walmart wireless service with an existing phone, just head over to look for plans here.
  4. Once you’ve purchased the wireless plan and/or the phone online, you will be sent an email regarding the login information.
  5. From here on, you will be able to set up your Walmart MyFamilyMobile account and get started.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • Unauthorized usage of the mobile network service from Walmart for unlawful and illegal purposes will cause termination of service immediately.
  • Using mobile network services for commercial use such as uninterrupted voice calling for video broadcasting is also restricted by the service.
  • Internet tethering is only allowed under certain mobile plans, and will not be allowed under certain circumstances.

Resources & Links

Here are some resources that should make your experience with Walmart’s wireless service portal easier:


I’m unable to retrieve my password

If you have already created your account with Walmart’s wireless network service but have forgotten the password you had set, there’s a way to get around it. For starters, you can use your registered mobile number to access your MyFamilyMobile account directly. If you are still are unable to log into your account, reach the customer care service using this link.

Is the service supported in my area?

Walmart guarantees network service coverage for more than 99% of Americans all across the country. This is possible due to the alliance with the network carrier T-Mobile, which ensures high-speed connectivity across the region, whether you’re using it for calling or mobile data. Additionally, Walmart has also included a network coverage map that helps you see if the service is supported in your specific area of residence, which you can find out here.

Do I need to purchase a phone from Walmart? 

The wireless network service from Walmart in collaboration with T-Mobile is brought to you as a prepaid service without any binding contract. You can choose to purchase one of the Walmart Family mobile phones directly from the store or online, or you can simply use the service with your existing mobile phone, as long as it is network unlocked.

Final Words

After becoming a trusted name in the retail business, offering everything from personal items to electronics for millions of homes across the country, Walmart is now all set to take over the world of mobile networking. By establishing affordable, no-contract mobile plans for customers and their families to take up with or without the purchase of a new mobile phone, Walmart My Family Mobile in partnership with T-Mobile is quickly becoming an affordable choice among customers. If the idea of saving big on a contract-free mobile plan seems like an enticing idea to you, check out the service now, and for any queries, just reach out us in the comments section.

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