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The MyHR CVS portal is a way for the employees of the retail pharmacy store chain to access a platform that is specifically built by the company to benefit its employees all across the country. If you’re among the thousands who are currently employed at one of the several CVS Pharmacy locations that the brand runs across the United States of America, this is your chance to get access to the reserved benefits that the company has set aside especially for you. By signing up over at the MyHR.CVS employee login platform, you get a way to make your working hours at the location streamlined and easy to manage, while receiving exclusive access to the special employee-only offers and benefits for savings, retirement, and more.

What is a MyHR CVS Account?

The CVS Health Corporation was founded on the basis of helping retailers manage their beauty and health products through a single line of purchase. Founded by two brothers, Sidney and Stanley Goldstein, alongside their business partner Ralph Hoagland in the year 1963, in just the span of a few decades, the company has more than 7,700 locations all across the United States of America, with each and every one of these locations supported by the hundreds of thousands of CVS employees that the company has on its payroll. Without the driving force of employees behind the business that has helped this chain of pharmacy stores excel in the market, CVS would not have reached the heights that it has today. Designed to be a way to return the favor and makes the lives of more than 250,000 employees a lot easier, the company has established a platform that is accessible only to current and former CVS employees.

Benefits & Features of MyHR CVS Login Account

Building a close and trusting relationship with the customer in the pharmaceutical business is no small feat, and CVS Health has been able to pull this off with the support of its line-up of well-trained and polite employees. As a means to give back and take care of them for the dedication and hard work they bring to the table, CVS Health is obliged to offer a range of productive services and special incentives to the employees through the MyHR.CVS employee-only platform.

Work Management – Whether you as an employee want to find out your working hours for the next week, or just want to find out the details regarding your attendance, the CVS employee platform comes with a complete scheduled calendar for you to check out.

Pay Check Details – Keeping a track of your monthly or weekly paychecks can be a hassle, but not with the CVS Health employee platform that gives you complete access to your financial documents, especially you need it to file your taxes.

Employees Benefits – Since you’ve worked to bring up the CVS brand, it only seems fair that you’re given a chance to share the success and benefit off of it through Employee Stock Options, CVS Employee Health Benefits, 401K retirement plans and more.

Accessing MyHR CVS Account

Current CVS Health and MinuteClinic Employees:

  1. Open a tab in the web browser on your computer and access CVS Health employees portal using the following link –
  2. On the main screen, you will have the ability to press the Log On button to continue.
  3. Type in the Login User Name and the Password in the fields provided, and then hit the Login button.
  4. You should now be able to access the CVS Health employee portal and reap the benefits that the platform has to offer.

Former CVS Health and MinuteClinic Employees:

  1. Open a tab in the web browser on your computer and access CVS Health employees portal using the following link –
  2. You will be able to enter the User ID and Password right on the main screen.
  3. If you do not remember your User ID or Password, click the link right below the window.
  4. If you’ve never logged into the platform before, press the button that reads New User to continue.
  5. You will be asked to enter the last 4 digits of your SSN along with your birth date to proceed.
  6. Press the Continue button right next to the field.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • The online CVS Health platform is built for employees of the CVS pharmacy retail store brand. You will need an active and valid Login User ID to access the employee-only portal.
  • Employees must adhere to the Privacy Policy of CVS Health, and violating them may be grounds for termination.

Resources & Links

Here are some resources that should make your experience with the CVS Health employee portal simpler:


I’m unable to retrieve my password

A Login User ID is required to access the CVS Health employee portal, which should be provided to you by the company. If you have never logged into the CVS Health online employee portal previously, or have forgotten your password, you can request a new password. The new password will be sent over to you on your registered email address with the company. Feel free contact your branch manager to find out more details or update your email address with the CVS Health employee portal website.

My account keeps freezing

Although the employee platform set up by CVS Health is designed is rather quick and simplified for easy access, you can experience the website to hang or crash sometimes while using it. In such cases, here’s what to do:

  • General website maintenance may be causing the delay that you are experiencing while using the platform. Wait for a few hours and then log into the CVS Health employee website to check again.
  • Update your web browser to the latest version and try accessing the CVS Health website again.
  • Clear the Cookies of the web browser and then open MyHR.CVS portal again to see in the issue has been resolved.

I have trouble logging in

For any other technical issues accessing the employee account, you will need to approach the management of your store location to have the issue sorted out.

  • CVS Health employees are instructed to reach out to the General Manager or the HR Coordinator of their store location to rectify issues with the employee portal account.
  • Employees can also choose to reach out to the IT Administrator at 1-855-280-ITSC to resolve the issue.

Final Words

Employees are the making element or the breaking element for any business, and the story on CVS Health is no different. The MyHR CVS employee support platform helping the brand reward the dedication that the employees bring to the stores each and every day. With the online employment platform, CVS Health employees can now make the most out of the services that the brand is offering, so check it out right now. For any questions regarding the CVS employee portal, reach out to us in the comments.

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