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MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth online portal located at is created by Optum. Staff and clinicians can access this online portal to get connected with the company. Optum is a company that’s helping people live healthier lives by providing a great health system. Optum is a leading health service innovation company that aims to treat people with a healthy routine and system while reducing the overall cost of care. MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth online account portal is created for OptumHealth Physical Health providers. If you are a new provider at Optum you’ll definitely need to check out this article for getting the most out of this online portal, keep up with us to learn everything.

What is a MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth Login Account?

MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth portal is only created for the providers that are associated with Optum. This online portal allows a provider to check or file clinical subs & claims, see network news, analyze plan summaries & you name it. From checking fee schedules, state regulatory addendums, and patient satisfaction result to patient satisfaction CAHPS, this online portal gives ultimate control to the providers associated with OptumHealth Physical Health. Basically, this online account is where all the providers get to connect with the company without actually visiting the nearest OpumHealth location. It’s a place where all the doctors and staff members can easily access valuable information about their patients with just a few clicks. Need more information about this login portal? You are heading in the right direction!

OptumHealth Physical Health online portal is the call to all the provider’s prayers working at Optum. Doctors don’t have to submit the clinical claims physically, they can just easily head over towards the official portal, enter the credentials, sign in to their account and access everything related to Clinical Submissions right away. Furthermore, providers can easily track their all patients online through the demographics and make amendments to their information if needed. Everything that doctors and staff have to do physically is now easily available through this online portal. Every information related to patients, new claims, & other things are easily available via this online portal. This portal allows the staff to concentrate on where it matters the most! Yes, we have got more to feed you related to this online login portal. Stay with us.

On paper, staff can submit claims & clinical submissions, check the status of claims & clinical submissions and obtain forms & manuals. For the clinicians, they can easily check provider profiles, continue their education, check clinical information & resources, plan summaries & check fee schedules and submit forms. MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth online portal does all the work for providers and staff so they can easily concentrate on the important tasks. Furthermore, this portal is the only online solutions that connect the doctors and staff with Optum to check everything. When you are a certified provider at OptumHealth Physical Health, you’ll get a separate Provider ID & Password to access this online portal. That’s not it, keep reading this article to learn more about the portal.

Benefits & Features of a MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth Login Account

MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth online account is filled with a lot of benefits & features, we have listed some down below.

Submit Claims & Clinical Submissions – Verified providers can easily submit the claim & clinical submissions.

Easy Access to Forms – Providers can easily see and fill the forms online.

Accessing the MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth Account

Existing Users:

  1. Note that this online portal is only dedicated to OptumHealth Physical Health providers. Normal people can’t access this online portal.
  2. First, head over towards the MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth online portal that would be located at
  3. The online portal will load and show all the information.
  4. On the right side of the screen, you can locate the “What’s Inside” heading to check out information about this online portal.
  5. Users can click on different useful links that are listed on the bottom right side of their screen.
  6. It’s time to enter your Provider ID & Password. Enter the ID in the first field and password in the second field.
  7. Click on the “Login” button that would be located just below the input fields to sign in to your account.
  8. Correct information will redirect you to your respective portal where you have the access to everything.
  9. From submitting clinical claims to checking the status and viewing a patient profile, you can do it all.
  10. Make sure to logout after using the portal to avoid any sort of unauthorized access.

New Users:

  1. If you are a new provider at OptumHealth Physical Health center, you’ll be given the credentials soon.
  2. People who haven’t received the Provider ID & Password can contact the customer support by calling 800-873-4575 or 888-676-7768.
  3. You can tell the customer support operator that you are a certified provider at OptumHealth Physical Health center. They’ll ask you for some information and provide you with the login details.
  4. Providers can also access the online feature to request the ID & Password.
  5. Head over towards the MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth portal that would be located at
  6. Now locate the text “If you need your provider ID or password please click here” and click on the “click here” link.
  7. You’ll be redirected to a new website.
  8. Enter your Last Name / Group Name, FirstName, Taxpayer Identification Number & Phone Number.
  9. Now click on the “Submit” button. Follow the instructions to get your Provider ID & Password.
  10. Follow the above section for logging into your MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth portal.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • Note that only providers and staff connected with OptumHealth Physical Health are allowed to access this online portal. People not connected with this company are not allowed to access this online account.
  • No one is allowed to exploit or harm this online portal by any means.
  • If you are unable to login, just contact the customer support by calling 800-873-4575.
  • Make sure that your browser is able to handle javascript and cookie request.

Resources & Links

Can’t find important resources and links on your own? We have listed everything for you down below!


I forgot my password

Fire up the login page that would be located at Now locate the text that says, “To change your password, please click here“, now click on the “click here” link. Now follow the instructions to reset your password.

The web portal is not working

Restart your internet router, reboot your computer, clear browser cache and check if the website is now working.

I have a different issue

You can contact the customer support by calling 800-873-4575 or 888-676-7768.

Final Words

MyOptumHealthPhysicalHealth portal gives every provider everything he/she needs to get productive. Got any questions? Feel free to hit us in the comments section.

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