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Logistics is everything a business needs to stay ahead in the market. This world is changing rapidly which is directly connected with the need for quality and up-to-date services. Trimble is a company that deals in everything related to logistics, this company has come up with an online portal called Peoplenet Fleet Manager or PFMLogin that aims to serve all your transportation requirements. PFMLogin online portal is the hassle-free transportation service that is powered by PeopleNet Trimble. This online account handles everything related to fleet management so you can take full control of your business. Are you excited to learn more about this online portal? Just tag along and this article will provide you with everything.

What is a PFMLogin Account?

PeopleNet Fleet Manager online portal account or PFMLogin provides a solution to all the transportation problems you are facing in business. So you might be thinking that what is PeopleNet Trimble, right? Well, it’s a company that provides transportation facilities to big business. Regardless of business nature, PeopleNet Trimble provides its transportation services to everyone. Trucks, drivers, assets, fright and you name it, PeopleNet Trimble is here to cover up your transportation requirements. A PFMLogin online account connects you with the company where you can easily track things, orders and more. We know it’s not enough, just keep reading this article to learn more about this online login portal by PeopleNet Trimble.

PeopleNet Fleet Manager login account is designed for you to forget all the tensions related to transportation. Through this online account you can easily send goods through truck or containers, track their live location, manage staff, check available vehicles & more. It’s a software that lets you handle everything related to transportation with just a few clicks. You no longer need to advise the delivery team in person, this application directly connects you with all the available drivers real-time. Fleet business just got easier with the PeopleNet Fleet Manager online portal account, it’s an all in one hub that keeps you in the control of everything. Still, want to know more? Guess you are in luck, just keep reading this article.

PFMLogin account is very helpful for a fleet business, this online portal comes packaged with a lot of benefits & features. People just need a smart device like phone, tablet, pc or laptop to access this online account. Here they can monitor all the things related to transportation like a map to display vehicles, observe the route of drivers, send messages to the drivers, sent important data, check details of drivers, & you name it. People who are into the fleet business will surely get a head start with this online portal account. It will allow them to think more clearly and absorb less tension. PeopleNet Trimble has skyrocketed the ease of managing a fleet business via this online portal. Stay with us to learn more.

Benefits & Features of a PFMLogin Account

Let’s summarize some of the benefits & features you get with this online fleet manager portal.

Real-time tracking – You can track all the drivers & vehicles real-time through this online portal.

Check Status – This portal allows you to check all the delivery status and more.

Accessing the PFMLogin Account

Existing Users:

  1. PeopleNet is a Trimble company, it powers the PFMLogin online portal.
  2. Users who are registered to the PeopleNet Fleet Manager online portal account can head towards to sign into their respective account.
  3. On the welcome screen of PeopleNet Fleet Manager portal, you’ll be asked to enter Company ID & Password.
  4. The Company ID & Password will be given to you by the company after you have registered for their services.
  5. Now enter the Company ID in the first input field.
  6. After this, enter the Password in the second input field.
  7. Check the entered information twice and click on the blue “SIGN IN” button that would be located just below the input fields.
  8. Users will be redirected to their respective portal where they can track the drivers, contact them, manage vehicles & more.
  9. After you are done using this online portal make sure to log out for avoiding any sort of unauthorized access.

New Users:

  1. Note that the PFMLogin online portal isn’t any sort of open to all service, it’s an online fleet manager that help businesses manage their transportation system.
  2. Only people who have registered their business with the PeopleNet Fleet Manager online portal can access this service.
  3. If you want the services of PeopleNet Trimble, just contact the company and you’ll get the access of this online fleet manager portal.
  4. After registering, you’ll get a Company ID & Password that can be used to log into your account.
  5. Follow the instructions listed below the “Existing Users” section that is located above this section for step-by-step sing in process.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • People who are not associated with the PeopleNet Fleet Manager portal service are allowed to access this website.
  • Note that any attempt to harm or exploit this website by any means can result in legal action.
  • Make sure that the device from which you are accessing the PFM login account is capable of handling javascript requests.

Resources & Links

Below we have listed down some of the important resources & links related to the PeopleNet Fleet Manager online portal.


I’m not able to locate the ELD driver login portal

Just head over towards the official PFMLogin portal that would be located at Locate the blue “Sign In” button on the screen, you’ll see two links on the right side of it. Click on the first link that says, “ELD Driver Portal Login“. You’ll be redirected to the driver portal.

I’m unable to access some features of this portal

PeopleNet Trimble might be updating some features on the backend for you guys so wait for a while and try again.

The website is not working

Try clearing browser cache, restarting your internet connection and rebooting your device.

Final Words

You won’t find a better online fleet management system than PeopleNet Fleet Manager. Feel free to ask questions related to this portal down in the comments section.

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