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Today, we’ll be writing about the Sears88 associate website employee portal. If you are an employee at Sears Holding company this portal will help you to discover personal information, check payroll, see work schedule & more. Sears88 account portal located at will help the customers to explore the perks of their jobs & more. We have got a lot of information related to this online web account. Want to know it all? Just keep reading this article.

What is Employee Login Account?

Sears88 is the employee management portal developed by Sears Holdings. This system is designed by Sears Holdings for the employees so they can learn about payroll, discount policy, work schedules, health benefits, disability options, retirement schemes, dental plans, financial benefits, and much more. Note that this web portal isn’t for the customers, only employees can enter the credentials to take advantage of the benefits.

As employees play an important role in providing customers with quality services, Sears Holdings has made this web portal for making things easier for them. Are you looking forward to learning more about this portal login? Just keep following the article.

What if you want to access your information related to the job? Sears88 account portal allows every employee to extract their information related to payroll, new job opportunities, personal info, financial benefits & more. When you log into your Sears88 account, you can easily access all the perks and change your personal information.

Furthermore, you can also contact customer support for asking absolutely anything. This login account makes things simpler for both employees and the company, employees no longer need to be dependent on the company for checking their payment schedule, personal information, benefits, discounts & more. You just need to login into your account for making things at your fingertips.

Back in the old days, employees used to ring up the customer support just like normal people for getting help. As things are changing very rapidly, Sears has made a special service for their beloved employees. This online portal is the way to go if you want to access your information, contacts, benefits, plans, discounts, news, exclusives & more. There won’t be a better and convenient way for the employees to extract the information related to their job.

Sears88 portal is the way forward in today’s world. If you are an employee at Sears88 and still unaware of this online service, we’ll help you to explore it. Just follow us to learn more.

Benefits & Features of Sears88 Login Account

Want to get a load of benefits? Sears 88 login account is the way forward if you are looking forward to enjoying the perks. Make sure that this web portal is only designed for the employees of Sears Holdings. Below we’ll be listing down some of the top benefits & features of Sears account login portal.

Get Latest Updates – You don’t need to waste timing looking for new updates & news as this portal will automatically feed you the latest and greatest insights about Sears Holdings company.

Newsletter – Customers won’t be bombarded with typical newsletters as Sears Holdings company will handpick the top stories for you. You just need to log into your account for checking the newsletter.

New Notices – Whether there is a new job available in the market or some great health benefits for the employees, you’ll get every single notice on everything new & hot going in the Sears Holdings company.

Check Contacts – Users can easily check new contacts so they can easily communicate with them without any problem or inconvenience. You can access the contact list by logging into your account.

Enrollment Benefits – Employees can directly register for benefits through this login account portal. From dental plans to health benefits, employees can easily register for any sort of available benefits by logging into their Sears88 account.

Access Sears Holdings Savings Program – This portal allows every employee to arrange savings for their future. The Sears Holdings 401 program gives every employee a chance to plan their retirement savings.

24/7 Online Service – Sears88 account web portal is up for your service 24/7. You can access any information from anywhere and anytime. Customers just need a smartphone, tablet, pc or laptop with a reliable internet connection.

Accessing the Sears88 Account

Existing Users:

  1. If you are an employee of Sears Holdings company just head over towards the official login web portal that would be located at
  2. You’ll be welcomed to enter your personal credentials.
  3. Now enter the Enterprise ID that will be given to you by the company.
  4. After this, enter the Password.
  5. Now click on the “Login” button that would be just below the input fields.
  6. Customers will be redirected to their official home page of Sears88 online account.
  7. Here users can access everything easily.
  8. Make sure to logout your account after using to avoid any unauthorized access.

New Users:

  1. Note that this website is reserved for the administrators and employees of Sears Holdings company.
  2. You must be an employee at this company for getting access to this website portal.
  3. The company will give you all the credentials when you’ll join.
  4. After you have received the Enterprise ID and Password, follow the normal instructions to sign in to your account.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • You must be an employee at Sears Holdings company to log into your web portal account that would be located at

Resources & Links

Check out some important resources & links that we have mentioned down below.


I forgot my password

Customers can easily reset their password using the feature set by Sears Holdings company. Just head over towards the official website portal that would be located at Click on the “Reset Password“. Now follow the on-site instructions to easily reset your password.

The portal is not working properly

Restart your internet router, reboot your device, clear the browser cache and check again. Things will start working correctly.

I’m facing a different issue

You can easily contact Sears Holdings Company by dialing 1-888-887-3277.

Final Words

This article is the definitive guide towards the Sears88 official online login portal. If you have any questions or queries related to this portal, feel free to ping us down below in the comments.

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