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The TM Menards employee platform is a way for the employees of the home improvements store chain to sign up and access the portal built by the company especially for them. If you’re one of the Menards Team Members who is currently employed at one of the hundreds of home improvements stores that the brand runs across the country, here’s an opportunity for you to get access to all the benefits that the brand is offering to you. By signing up over at the Menards employees-only platform, you have a way to make your working hours simplified, while accessing the special offers and benefits that are reserved for employees.

What is a TM Menards Account?

Founded by John Menard in the year 1960, the Menards brand has always been among the ones that offer customers the best in class customer service and products that satisfy their needs. Moreover, the brand has been fixated in improving the livelihood of people that it has on its payroll, allowing employees to experience a work practice that is efficient, satisfying, and the end of the day, rewarding in more ways than one. The employees and their dedication in helping the company succeed are what creates the backbone of any business, and the management team over at Menards understands this. The very reason behind establishing the TM.Menards employee access online portal is to set up a platform that makes the lives of thousands of Menards employees easier. Keep reading on to find out more about what makes the Menards Team Members login a useful tool for the employees and how they can make the most out of it.

Benefits & Features of TM Menards Login Account

An established name in the business of home improvement that has built a strong brand based on customer satisfaction and friendly behavior, Menards is also known for taking care of its own employees in the best way possible. To help the people in its workforce get their job done in the most efficient and comfortable way possible while offering incentives and required training to improve their services to the customers, here are all the benefits offered by the TM.Menards employee platform:

Schedule Management – Making the process of selecting your work slot easier without having to physically visit the Menards location to do so, the online portal allows you to streamline your workday from anywhere at any time.

Pay Check Info – Whether you want to keep a track of your monthly or weekly paychecks, or need the financial documents to file your taxes, the online employee platform keeps a complete record of every payment made to you by the company.

Training Materials – Allowing you to learn more about the way Menards does business, acquire new skills and climb up the ladder at the company, you get all sorts of learning material and training programs offered by Menards.

New Openings – Giving you an opportunity to diversify and change your role or position at the Menards location you are employed at, the TM.Menards online employee platform allows you to look at all of the current openings.

Employees Benefits – Designed to be a portal for employees to access the services offered exclusively to them, you can find employee-only discounts, offers, retirement benefits, savings programs, and more.

Accessing the TM Menards Account

Existing Users:

  1. Open a tab in the web browser on your computer and access TM Menards employees portal using the following link –
  2. On the main screen, you will have the ability to log in using your Team Member Number and the Password.
  3. Type in the Team Member Number and the Password in the fields provided and then hit the Login button.
  4. You should now be able to access the Menards employee portal and reap the benefits that the platform has to offer.

New Users:

  1. Open a tab in the web browser on your computer and access TM Menards employees portal using the following link –
  2. As an employee who has not yet signed up for the program, click the link that reads “Forgot Password”.
  3. You will be redirected to a screen, which should ask you for the Team Member Number which was assigned to you during the hiring process.
  4. Press the Submit button right next to the field.
  5. The password for your TM.Menards account will be sent to your personal email address that has been registered with the business.
  6. Use the password that has been sent to you to log into the employee portal and access the rewards it has to offer.

Restrictions & Exclusions:

  • The online Team Member platform is built for employees of the Menards departmental store brand. You will need an active and valid Team Member Number to access the portal.
  • Employees must adhere to the Privacy Policy of Menards, and violating them may be grounds for termination.

Resources & Links

Here are some resources that should make your experience with Menards employee portal simpler:


I’m unable to retrieve my password

A Team Member Number is required to access the Menards employee portal, which should be provided to you by the company. If you have never logged into the Menards online employee portal previously, or have forgotten your password, you can request a new password. The new password will be sent over to you on your registered email address. Feel free contact your branch manager to find out more details or update your email address with the Menards Team Member website.

My account keeps freezing

Although the employee platform set up by Menards is designed is rather quick and simplified for easy access, you can experience the website to hang or crash sometimes while using it. In such cases, here’s what to do:

  • General website maintenance may be causing the delay that you are experiencing while using the platform. Wait for a few hours and then log into the Menards Team Member website to check again.
  • Update your web browser to the latest version and try accessing the Menards website again.
  • Clear the Cookies of the web browser and then open the TM Menards portal again to see in the issue has been resolved.

I have trouble logging in

For any other technical issues accessing the TM.Menards account, you will need to approach the management of your store location to have the issue sorted out.

  • Menards Store Team Members are instructed to reach out to the General Manager or the HR Coordinator of their store location to rectify issues with the employee portal account.
  • Other Team Members at Menards can choose to reach out to the Payroll Administrator to sort of the trouble they are facing with their employee account.

Final Words

Growing a significant brand recognition in the world of home improvement is not an easy feat, especially for a privately-owned brand, but Menards has been able to accomplish this over decades of supreme service to the customers and a line of products that beat the best on the market. Employees play a great role in the success of any business, and the story on Menards is no different, with the TM Menards employee support platform helping further the dedication that the employees bring to the stores each and every day. With the TM.Menards online employment platform, employees can now make the most out of the services that the brand is offering, so check it out right now. For any questions regarding this employee portal, reach out to us in the comments.

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