Rite Aid Survey – Monthly Draw for a Grand Prize of $1,000

Rite Aid is welcoming customers who wish to take part in the Win $1,000 Customer Survey. requires no purchase and is perfect for those who wish to express their praise or concerns about Rite Aid stores. The survey will require only a few minutes of time to complete and offers a chance to enter the monthly draw for a grand prize of $1,000 or a minor prize of $100. survey is designed in order to improve the quality of the customer service you get at the Rite Aid stores. Rite Aid survey will not only benefit the Rite Aid Drugstore but also the customers at the same time. When you develop trust in a particular store and are satisfied with its services you seldom want to switch to another option even if the customer care is not as good as it used to be. As, is seen with a lot of small businesses that when they start in the beginning, everything they do for their customers is of top quality but with time this standard of customer service often declines. Rite Aid wants to maintain your trust by providing top-notch services right around 365 days.

Why Rite Aid Customer Satisfaction Survey

A company often faces downfall after some successful years in the market. This happens due to the lack of identification of the areas where the company isn’t concentrating. Now when you get a chance to change the things that you do not like at your favorite drugstore known as Rite Aid, why would you not do so. It is not always about changing things, it might happen that you are utterly satisfied with the provided services and you might want to express that feeling somewhere. So the survey gives you a chance to do so as well.

So the next time you step into the store you will be entertained with even more zeal and dedication, as you have previously appreciated the customer service provided to you. It’s your chance to take part in the Win $1,000 Customer Survey to help them serve better in the future.

This is how the survey plays an important role in benefitting both the concerned parties i.e. the customers and the Rite Aid at the same time. Rite Aid is so much devoted in giving top quality services to its customers that you do not even have to purchase anything in order to fill out the survey, you can participate in the without making any purchase at all. The Rite Aid does not stop there; it also provides you with a chance to win $1,000.

On the completion of the, you can enter the monthly sweepstakes to win the grand prize of $1,000. So here you go, when you know that you can make things even better at your favorite drug store by simply completing a small survey and that will even give you a chance to earn $1,000, there is absolutely no way that you will not do so.

How to $1,000 Gift Card in Rite Aid Survey –

Survey Requirements:

  • Participants of the Win $1,000 Customer Survey must be 18 years of age or over at the time of entry.
  • People taking part in the survey must be legal residents of the United States.
  • Make sure that you have access to a laptop or pc with a reliable internet connection.
  • A recent sales receipt to enter the required information.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Employees, officers, and directors of Rite Aid Hdqtrs, Corp and anyone connected with the company can’t enter in the Win $1,000 Customer Survey.
  • The customer survey is void where prohibited or restricted by the law.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Visit the Win $1,000 Customer Survey that would be located at
  2. Read the on-site instructions carefully.
  3. Click check on the “Receipt Code” option.
  4. Enter the Receipt Code that would be located on your Rite Aid sales receipt.
  5. Click on the “Next” button to get going with the survey.
  6. Answer the questions as per your experience.
  7. You’ll be asked to enter personal details for the lucky draw.
  8. Double check everything before submitting your precious feedback.

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About Rite Aid

Rite Aid is a Fortune 500 company and is one of the largest drug store chains in North America. With a large number of competing companies, Rite Aid would like to ensure that their customers keep coming back to them for their products and services. One way to ensure that customers return is to keep them happy. To find out what makes customers happy Rite Aid has set up the ‘Voice Of The Customer’ Rite Aid Survey to provide customers with the opportunity to tell them how they feel.

Rite Aid is the third largest drugstore chains in the US and the largest in the East Coast. The company that started back in 1962 with a name of Thrift D Discount Center and only with one store is one of the largest drug store chains in the US today. This success of The Rite Aid is not just an overnight story. This company has got a complete history of ups and downs, highs and lows, to make it stand where it stands today.

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Brief History

Alex Grass, the founder of the Right Aid Company put a lot of efforts and devotion in order to make the Rite Aid, a huge success story. When the company began in 1962 with just a single store in Scranton, Pennsylvania, nobody knew that it would go so much in the years to follow. 3 years after the first Rite Aid store opened it expanded to five more States in the US. That actually shows the success Right Aid enjoys today is not earned overnight. It was the year 1968 when the Right Aid went public and got listed on the New York Stock Exchange in the year 1970. Rite Aid is also ranked in one of the Fortune 500s companies.

Path To Success

In 1972, the Rite Aid chain expanded into 267 stores along 10 States of the US. The company managed to pass the shaky early years with ease and no has grown into a pretty stable organization. 1983 is a pretty memorable year for the Rite Aid, as it achieved the sales milestone of $1 billion that year for the first time. There was no looking back from there onwards. The drugstore chain was on the path towards great success. On the way through the company acquired a lot of other companies and small business in order to become the largest drugstore chain of the East Coast. The companies and other drug stores acquired by the Right Aid include Gray Drug Store acquired in 1987, Baltimore, Maryland’s Read’s Drug Store in 1989. In the same year, The Rite Aid also acquired People’s Drug and Lane Drug.

In 1994, the Rite Aid also acquired Hook’s Drugstore. It was 1995 when the Rite Aid acquired the Perry Drug Stores. Finally, in the year 1996, the Rite Aid acquired the Thrifty PayLess, this was by far the largest purchase by the Rite Aid as Thrifty PayLess comprised of 1,000 stores.


Rite Aid would like to hear from their customers in the ‘Voice Of The Customer’ survey. The feedback given by customers helps them to improve their products and services. Share us your experience at Rite Aid down below as we love to read your valuable comments.

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  1. I love shopping at Rite Aide. The stores are conviently locate inside and out. In towns finding a Rite Aide is easy because they are located in centered shopping malls. All employees are friendly and very willing to help customers find a product or answer a question. The pharmacy and especially the photo shop is very convienent, Getting good quality pictures in an hour is fantastic.

  2. I was recently in the store in lake isabella. Some of the employees were wonderful but as I went to checkout is when it all went down hill. The cashier/supervisor that helped me was rude. Her attitude and facial expression while checking me out was astonishing. She was not helpful as she was checking me out customers were asking her questions and she was ignoring them and customer in line answered her questions. So as I was leaving I managed to take down her name and would like to tell the manager there at the store but I was told to report on here first but I am not sure if I am suppose to put the womans name on here. But the store and other employees were helpful and very polite and happy. She was the only rude distasteful one. She seemed as if she didnt want to be there or hated her job. And did n I t want to be bothered by customers.

  3. Your Cashier in the Montpelier Vt. store Named Billi Jo is a great help she is very polite and knows her job well . Ill return to that store dew to the experance I had there dew to her kindness and politeness .Thank you for having an employee like her there.

  4. I love the one I go to in Camp Hill pa because the people at the pharmacy always are smiling, sweet and patient. I also visit their minute clinic and always have a great comfortable experience with the physician. She also helps me find the meds I need and she mentions the cheaper priced ones that are just as effective if im on a fixed budget. Time wise, even if there is a wait it usually doesn’t take very long and I can feel free to roam the store because they calmly announce your name and where to go when it is your turn and they don’t butcher my name! Im always greeted upon arrival and bid a farewell when I leave. It is nice to know where the employees are if I need help and the fact that I am comfortable approaching them considering they’ve already acknowledged my existence. Very nice service. Very hospitable.

  5. I can’t wait until walgreens takes over the riteaid store in oscoda michigan!! They have the most unsocial manager there!! She never says hello or even smiles at the customers!! She’s mean to her other associates as well especially when they are putting up stock!! I’ve heard her cuss at them!! She rarely if ever works the weekends!! The cashiers named amy,jeanne,teala are the friendly all the time!!

  6. I love shopping at Rite Aide. There is a wide variey of products from which to choose. The stores are conviently locate inside and out. In towns finding a Rite Aide is easy because they are located in centered shopping malls. Inside the store the isles are clearly marked, and the shelves are neatly laid out. All employees are friendly and very willing to help customers find a product or answer a question. The pharmacy and especially the photo shop is very convienent, Getting good quality pictures in an hour is fantastic. We also love the weekly/everyother week sales on our special items is veryconvienent.

  7. ride aid
    store #01962
    284-292 connecticut
    buffalo ny 14213
    (716) 881-4007
    register #1 transaction #539922
    cashier #19626900

    enter for a chance to win $1000!
    0115 1301 9620 1229

  8. The store is always sparkling clean. The staff is as helpful as they can be. I will say they need to be more people oriented, they should smile more, and a warmer attitude.

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