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The giant toy brand is conducting the LEGO survey for you to enter through the website link By sparing a few minutes that are required to answer this product feedback survey, you stand a chance to WIN a free LEGO set as your reward.

As a customer who has recently purchased a LEGO set from the brand, you will be able to view a set number that is assigned to each box. This serial number that is somewhere between 4 – 5 digits long, acts as your invitation to the product feedback survey that is being hosted online by LEGO. The survey involves nothing more than some basic questions regarding the quality of the product that you’ve purchased from any of the LEGO stores, how satisfied are you with your purchase and mention any constructive criticism that you may have to offer. At the end of the survey, you get to enter the LEGO product feedback survey monthly sweepstake and stand a chance to take home a free LEGO set for yourself.

Why the LEGO Product Feedback Survey

Growing up, you’ve probably had dozens of toys that you’ve either kept playing with through most of the childhood or never picked up more than once or twice. But for generations that have grown up in the past decades, LEGO has been a name that instantly fills our minds with wonder and creativity. The original building blocks toys company has been a huge part of the toy industry and continues to capture the minds of the young ones, as well as the adults out there with its line of innovative LEGO,  sets that range from LEGO CITY blocks to LEGO Batman as well. But just because LEGO banks on a robust reputation in the toy market, does not mean that it isn’t concerned with customer satisfaction.

Although the company has strived to keep the quality of its products to the mark, it still wants to know more from you, the customer. By conducting a product feedback survey that is established online, LEGO hopes to reach as many paying customers as possible and gather the details that they share about the recent shopping experience they had with a LEGO set or at a LEGO store nearby. The LEGO survey is designed to be easy, quick, and includes simple questions that are easy to understand and follow through. What makes the LEGO online product feedback survey worth the effort is the fact that your participation grants you entry into the sweepstakes contest, granting you a chance to WIN a free LEGO set.

How to WIN a LEGO Set in the LEGO Survey –

Here is what you need to do to enter the online product feedback survey and help LEGO serve you and millions of its customers across the world better by improving the products it offers.

Survey Requirements:

  • As an entrant of the LEGO product feedback survey, you must belong to any of the 50 States of the United States and the U.S. District of Columbia.
  • The participant that wishes to enter the LEGO product feedback survey must be at least 18 years of age or older.
  • You will need the LEGO set number printed on the box from LEGO to enter the survey.
  •  Since the LEGO product feedback survey is online, you need to have access to the internet to open the website and enter.
  • You can also become an entrant in the LEGO product feedback sweepstakes through the mail.
  • You can choose to enter the LEGO product feedback survey in more than a dozen different languages.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Employees LEGO, in association with the members of families of these employees, brand affiliates, subsidiaries, along with advertising agencies and promotional partners are hereby barred from entering the LEGO product feedback survey.
  • Buying additional products from LEGO stores will not increase your chance of winning the sweepstakes.
  • Dishonest feedback with a bias towards the LEGO brand and its employees may result in termination of your entry.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. With the help of your mobile or computer browser, head over to the official website of the Fred Meyer customer satisfaction survey here –
  2. Choose the language using the drop-down menu, in which you wish to take the LEGO product feedback survey.
  3. On the main screen of the LEGO product feedback survey, enter the survey code that is printed on a LEGO set box.
  4. Press the “Let’s go!” button to begin the LEGO product feedback survey.
  5. At the completion of the LEGO product feedback survey, you will be requested to enter the sweepstakes contest to WIN the sweepstakes prize.
  6. The winner of the free LEGO set will be picked randomly at the end of each month.

Resources & Links

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About LEGO

A popular line of plastic building block toys, LEGO has become a brand of its own, eclipsing the billion-dollar toy industry in the United States and across the globe. The interlocking plastic bricks, called “LEGOs”, were created by Ole Kirk Christiansen, a carpenter based in Billund, Denmark, who entered the toy industry by selling wooden toys in the year 1932. The name “LEGO” is a derivation of the Danish phrase “leg godt”, which directly translates to “play well”. The LEGO Group produces and retails LEGO collections based on popular brands, operates six different Legoland amusements parks, and has sold more than 600 billion LEGOs already.

Final Words

Now is your chance to speak up and share what you have to say about your recent purchase with LEGO through the LEGO survey that is now online over at Just spend a few minutes answering simple questions and you get a chance to enter the sweepstakes contest and WIN a LEGO set, so go ahead and enter now, or reach out to us in the comments section for any doubts that you may have.

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