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Through RandallsSurvey that is located at www.Randalls.com/Survey, a customer can easily contact with the company and share his/her honest experience at Randalls. Here at Randalls, customer feedback is worth a dozen. The company aims to extract important information from it to serve customers better in the future. Randalls is eager to hear from you guys, are you ready to blow off the steam and provide honest feedback? Below are all the details on Randalls guest satisfaction survey.

There is no secret ingredient when it comes to satisfying the customers. A business needs to be ready for putting in hard work in order to win the hearts of the majority. Randalls is known for keeping customers happy since day one by listening to them. The key to being successful in today’s market is providing customers what they want and how they want. You need to think like a customer for meeting the expectations of people.

There are a total of 42 Randalls locations in the United States but they have only one mission – exceed the expectations of customers and create new heights of shopping experience. Help them by taking part in the RandallsSurvey and get a chance to win a $100 gift card.

Why Randalls.com Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you ever been to a supermarket and feel like complaining about the services or making some suggestions that will make the shopping experience better? Randalls is all open to opinions, suggestions, complaints, and comments. They appreciate the customers who have the will to get involved in the company. Randalls believe that a business can’t figure out just the right strategy for making customers happy.

Furthermore, they think that the best way to stay relevant is by directly collecting customer feedback so they can identify the situation better. By listening to a customer’s point of view, a company can easily analyze the steps that should be taken in the future. RandallsSurvey located at www.Randalls.com/Survey gives every customer an opportunity to be a part of the company’s decision-making system.


Want to win a $100 Randalls gift card? Well, RandallsSurvey located at www.Randalls.com/Survey gives every customer a chance to win a $100 gift card. Throwing in your honest opinions about Randalls has never been easy than today. RandallsSurvey creates a communication bridge between customers and the company so both heads can make a better future together. As a customer, you get a chance to talk with the company and share your honest feedback.

Furthermore, your comments help the company to furnish a customer experience as per your requirements. Moreover, you get a chance to win a $100 gift card. Randalls get to correct their mistakes, add attractive services and tweak the current strategies. So what are you waiting for? Take part in the RandallsSurvey and submit your deepest concerns.

How To Win a $100 Gift Card In Randalls Survey – www.Randalls.com/Survey


Survey Requirements:

  • Entrants of the RandallsSurvey located at www.Randalls.com/Survey must be 18 years of age or over at the time of entry.
  • Customers taking part in the Randalls guest satisfaction survey must have access to a device that is equipped with an internet connection to browse www.Randalls.com/Survey.
  • People taking part in the Randalls survey must be living in the United States, Puerto Rico, or District of Columbia for a valid entry.
  • You must have a recent register receipt of Randalls to enter the required information like Survey Code, etc.
  • Customers should be willing to provide valid and genuine personal information like Email Address, Phone Number, Address, Postal Code, Zip Code, etc for the lucky draw.
  • You must have the ability to understand and respond in English or Espanol.
  • Entrants of the Randalls guest survey must have the ability to recall their last shopping experience at Randalls for answering the survey questions.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Note that customers taking part in the RandallsSurvey are restricted to provide honest and candid feedback as per their experience at Randalls.
  • Participants of the Randalls customer satisfaction survey can be only taken once in a month regardless of the entry method.
  • You are restricted to only one Survey Code.
  • Employees of the sponsor, administration, affiliates, marketing agency, Randalls, and their immediate family members or anyone taking connected with the company isn’t eligible to take part in the RandallsSurvy.
  • It’s strictly prohibited to take part in the survey on behalf of any other person.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Fire up the RandallsSurvey URL that is www.Randalls.com/Survey.
  2. All the participants will be appreciated on the welcome screen of Randalls guest satisfaction survey.
  3. Now grab your Randalls sales receipt to enter the information.
  4. To get started, you need to enter the Email Address and Survey Code.
  5. Firstly, locate the Survey Code that would be printed on your Randalls register receipt.
  6. Type it down in the first input field.
  7. Now enter your valid Email Address in the second input field that would be located just below the first one.
  8. Click on the “NEXT” button to get going with the RandallsSurvey.
  9. Now answer the RandallsSurvey questions as per your experience.
  10. Make sure to rate and provide your suggestions/opinions.
  11. You’ll be asked to type down personal information for the lucky draw.
  12. Double check everything and submit your precious feedback.

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About Randalls

Randalls don’t need any introduction when it’s about food and drugs retailing, Randalls is right up there amongst the top in North America. If you want to shop for general merchandises or general food items, just head at Randalls. It is also famous for its number of specialty departments like gourmet coffee, bakery, delicatessen and organic lasagna at very affordable prices.


Randalls wants its customers to take their Randalls survey at www.Randalls.com/Survey and help the company grow. As a token of appreciation, every participant will get a chance to win Randalls $100 gift card by simply taking part in the survey.

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  1. Customer Service at Randall’s 2025 W Ben White Blvd Austin TX
    My husband & I are in our 80’s & we went to our nearest Randall’s about 8:30 am Sunday morning 3/15/20. We are in the high risk group for the virus & wanted to avoid contact with large numbers of people. We think Randall’s has the best meat dept & the best meat. We only wanted a few staples, We found many items out of stock. At the meat dept the ground beef that was on sale was gone. I asked the butcher if they had any & he said he was just packaging some. I asked about 5 minutes or so? He said yes about. So the husband & I continued to pick up the few other things we needed. Of course that took longer than 5 minutes. I had forgotten to go back to get the ground beef but the wonderful young man at the meat counter didn’t forget & brought my order to me. The meat would probably have been gone by the time I went back. That was the most thoughtful customer service I have ever received. Unfortunately I did not get his name.

  2. First let me say I like the Randalls store…it’s clean and carries good products. My issue is at the check out and using my Randall’s card. I have had issues with being overcharged or not getting the full benefits from the Randall’s card on the following dates: 5/28/19, 6/3/19, 8/4/19, 8/26/19, 9/8/19, and today 11/15/19. Each time the issue occurs I have to wait in the customer service line after waiting in the check out line. It really is a waste of my time when I can point out the mistake before I leave the register but the cashier cannot make the refund. The amounts in question are not small…usually $1 or more. Today it was $3. I have spoken to the manager and several of the cashiers…they instruct me that it is corporate that is at fault and usually say the computer system is not up to date. As I customer, I am upset that I am a pawn in how the issues are addressed. Please look into this matter…the store has a lot of potential.

  3. I shopped today and did not find three items commonly carried at Kroger. In addition, your meat dept. did not have pork chops other then at your butcher counter. I was also charged for 2 tomato baskets, when I only bought one. But, the Randall’s where I shopped is too far for me to go back for a $4.50 refund.

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