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You can find the official Sears Home Services Survey at Sears Home Services customer satisfaction survey is the best example of strengthening the relationship with the customer so the company can provide the best experience. This survey lets you speak your heart out and convey the message that you have been waiting to deliver, no matter the feedback is good or bad, Sears Holding is here to listen and work on it! Answer some quick questions in this sears survey and in the end, you can win a surprise gift!

Why SearsFeedback Customer Satisfaction Survey

Sears customer satisfaction survey gives every customer a chance to share their honest feedback on Sears Home Services. Sears Home Services wants to build a strong relationship with customers so that you can receive quality services. It’s the best place to express your thoughts as Sears Home Services appreciates whatever you submit here at the Sears feedback survey. Sears Home Services wants to improve every day so you can enjoy quality services. Take part in the Sears customer satisfaction survey and help Sears Home Services serve better in the future.

How To Win a Surprise Gift in SearsFeedback Survey –

Survey Requirements:

  • Firstly, people taking part in the Sears survey located at must have recently ordered Sears Home Services. The survey won’t entertain people who haven’t experienced Sears Home Services.
  • Secondly, participants of the Sears feedback survey must have a recent register or order receipt of Sears Home Services. The receipt contains some important information to start the survey.
  • Moreover, people looking forward to sharing their feedback at must have access to Order Invoice Number and Zip Code. Everything would be located on the sales receipt.
  • Similarly, Sears survey requires every customer to recall their last experience with Sears Home Services. It will help them to easily answer the survey questions at SearsFeedback.
  • Likewise, Sears Home Services customer satisfaction survey want every participant to share honest and true feedback based on their experience with Sears Home Services.
  • Customers must have access to a smart device like smartphone, pc, tablet or laptop. This device must be connected to an internet connection.
  • Lastly, use a javascript and cookies enabled web browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, Mozilla to access the Sears Home Services customer satisfaction survey.

Survey Restrictions:

  • Sears survey is only open to the people who have recently ordered any service from Sears Home Services. People who haven’t experienced Sears Home Services aren’t eligible to take part in the Sears survey.
  • Moreover, Sears wants to strengthen the relationship with customers, make sure to provide honest feedback that isn’t based on any partial or biased views.
  • As a matter of fact, after 30 days from the date of service, you won’t be able to take part in the Sears customer satisfaction survey located at
  • Similarly, customers who don’t have access to the Sears Home Services order or sales receipt aren’t eligible to take part in the Sears feedback survey.
  • Likewise, Sears customer satisfaction survey is void outside of the United States and where restricted or prohibited by the law or government.
  • People taking part in the Sears feedback survey located at aren’t allowed to spread false or wrong information related to it. Anyone caught will face strict legal charges.
  • Lastly, people living outside of the United States of America aren’t eligible to take part in the Sears survey. The survey will automatically delete such entries.

Survey Participation Instructions:

Are you done with the above sections? Well, it’s about time we instruct you on how one can easily take part in the Sears customer satisfaction survey. Stay with us to learn it all!

  1. First, connect your device to an internet connection and visit the official website of Sears customer satisfaction survey. It would be located at
  2. Sears Home Services’ customer satisfaction survey will welcome you to submit your honest feedback. As mentioned above, Sears survey is only meant for the people who have recently ordered services from Sears Home Services.
  3. After that, read the on-site instructions that would be surrounded inside a bordered box. Important links and resources related to the Sears survey will be located on the bottom side of the page.
  4. Grab your recent order or register receipt of Sears Home Services to enter order information. Locate the Order Invoice Number and enter it down in the first input field. After that, enter the Zip Code that would be printed on your sales receipt.
  5. After this, check the ented information and click on the red “Continue” button. The survey will take you to the next section. Here, you’ll be asked to answer some survey questions as per your experience with Sears Home Services.
  6. Rate your overall satisfaction, provide some suggestions, rate their services and more. The survey will ask you to enter some personal information like Email, Phone Number, Address, Postal Code, etc.
  7. After completing every section, submit your honest feedback!

Resources & Links

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About Sears Home Services

Wherever, whenever and however you want to shop, www sears com aims to connect the digital and physical experience for the customers so you don’t have to lurk around different stores. Sears Holding Corporation is the leading departmental store that began winning hearts in 1983. From A to Z this store has got it all to complete your needs in one place. Similarly, Sears also provides home services, it’s known as Sears Home Services. The sears feedback survey makes sure that every customer has a say and that’s how Sears Holding Corporation and Sears Home Services are number one in the United States.

Final Words

The sears member feedback creates a connection between the customer and the company. Sears Holding Corporation values your say and this survey clearly shows that they don’t want to stop improving.

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