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Tesco is inviting customers to take part in the www.tescoviews.com guest satisfaction survey or tescoviews.com login page. The TescoViews survey allows customers to give their feedback to Tesco letting them know what it is they enjoyed or did not enjoy about their recent visit to a Tesco store. This customer satisfaction survey is hosted by Tesco in order to create a good relationship with customers. Most of the customer surveys aim to create a bond and link with customers as they are the ones responsible for profits and losses. Just like other surveys, this survey makes sure that there is a good connection between the customer and the company.

The sole aim of creating a uniform line in between the company and customers is to benefit both parties. A two-way communication link is built up between both ends that further helps to connect and deliver a personal opinion. By this tescoviews.com survey, customer and the company both can have their own say to cooperate and better the future for everyone. Furthermore, it allows both the parties to listen to what others have to say making a suitable situation for everyone. Tesco wants to have every customer’s opinion about their shopping experience. Tesco isn’t just another company who cares about customers opinion but they genuinely read your opinion and work hard to fix the problems. They just not only analyze your precious feedback but listens to what you are saying, no matter if your feedback is positive or negative, they respond and work on it.

Why TescoViews Customer Satisfaction Survey

Tesco customer satisfaction survey gives you a chance to take part in this revolution and help the company serve you better in the future. No matter how your experience was, just write it all down and submit your opinion. You’ll be soon contacted and glad to hear that what the problem is no more there. Talking about the pattern of this survey, just like other surveys it’s not hard to take but easy and simple. At every screen or survey’s portion, you are guided in plain English so one can easily write down their opinion without getting frustrated. You just need to understand and write simple English in order to take this survey.

You might be worried about what questions will be asked in the survey, right? So fear not as you’ll be asked just about the basic stuff like your experience, suggestions, items you bought, etc. Similarly, you’ll also get a chance to summarize your whole experience and further guide the company about what should be added or improved. So you have understood the questions and you are ready to answer? Well, that isn’t the case if you are a responsible customer. You have to learn how to answer the right way. It’s not rocket science, you just have to make sure that you are clearing your point without getting sluggish. Furthermore, you have to be super non-partial while dictating your experience or suggesting anything to the company as it leads to bad feedback.  You can prolong the answer but make sure that it is digestible for the reader that is analyzing millions of feedback.

So what are you waiting for? You have understood every titbit for attempting this customer satisfaction survey. Just keep in mind that be super clear and don’t be partial about anything. Hit the survey link, enter the details, answer the questions, rate your overall experience and get a chance to win a $1000 gift card.

How to WIN a £1,000 Gift Card in TescoViews Customer Survey –www.TescoViews.com

Want to learn more about this survey? Down below we’ll be listing down requirements, restrictions, instructions & other things.

Survey Requirements:

  • A computer or a smartphone with internet access to take the TescoViews customer satisfaction survey located at tescoviews.com.
  • You must remember your last visit to Tesco.
  • A good memory to recall your overall experience at Tesco.
  • Javascript-enabled web browser.
  • A recent Tesco store receipt that will help you to enter the required details on the survey link.
  • Ability to understand English.
  • Ability to respond correctly in English.
  • Basic information like Email Address, Name, 4-digit code, Date and Time would be required.

Survey Restrictions:

  • www.tescoviews.com t’s & c’s apply on every entry. You can see the full rules & regulations by clicking here.
  • Note that you must be 16 years of age or older at the time of participation to submit a valid entry.

Survey Participation Instructions:

  1. Go to the www.tescoviews.com website.
  2. Note that fields marked with a star sign are must to fill.
  3. Enter the 4 digit code printed on your store receipt. See image above for where to find the code.
  4. Enter the Tesco survey.
  5. Answer all of the survey questions, rating each one and giving additional information in the spaces provided if you so wish.
  6. On completion, enter your personal details so that you may be contacted in the event you are a lucky winner of the £1,000 Tesco Gift Card.

Resources & Links

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About Tesco

Tesco is one of the largest and most popular supermarket chain stores around the world. Supplying fresh produce, dairy, and grocery items to their customers, Tesco wants to make sure they keep their customers returning. To find what makes their customers shop with Tesco the company has provided the Tescoviews.com survey so customers can tell them what it is they like and don’t like about Tesco stores. The survey will ask questions similar to; Was the Tesco staff friendly and helpful; Did you find what you were looking for? Did you think the price for the item was fair?

Final Words

The www.tescoviews.com guest satisfaction survey allows customers to let Tesco know how they can improve their services or if they want to give a shout out to a particular staff member and let them know they have done a great job. The survey is the ideal vehicle for voicing customers opinions and it also gives them the chance to win a £1,000 Tesco Gift Card.

Tesco Survey – Tesco Feedback – Tesco Feedback Survey Tesco Views

How to complete the Tesco Customer Satisfaction Survey on https://www.tescoviews.com/

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Sydney White is a Texas-born stay at home mom who enjoys spending time with her family, bargain hunting and, of course, writing. She is currently the editor-in-chief of Snipon.com.


  1. I have just visited the Tesco Supermarket in Uttoxeter which I frequently do. There are always most wonderful bargains, and the staff are always very friendly and helpful. Today I asked where the haggis was as I couldn’t find it and it is Burn’s Night next week. The girl was so helpful and then went to ask another as she couldn’t find any, and she was equally helpful too. I was very impressed as the store was very busy.
    Well done Tesco, full marks.

  2. I often shop in Tesco, l find the staff friendly and helpful, Tesco also has lots of offers, and being retired l find that very useful, especially on a Friday night when you can get some really good bargains on offers. Being a pensioner l have to watch the pennies now, and l think Tesco is helping in that way. Long may you reign.

  3. why is it that asdas have 6 disability scooters forcustomers while your Pengam branch have only had one for 2 months and that is not working and not working for a while

    1. Been to Ystrad Mynach store today the larger wheel chair trolley was broken, when are they going to have more than TWO for a store this size, when Sainsbury’s have a least 8. When you do a large shop the smaller trolley is NOT big enough

  4. Every week my mother in law and I shop at the Ystrad Mynach Tesco store and would like to thank Michelle for all the help she gives us ,Tesco could do with a few more Michelles , nothing is too much trouble for her …..our thanks two very grateful customers .
    PS ….if the loose sprouts run out every week then wouldnt it make sence to order more ????
    two weeks runniing no sprouts ………..

  5. i have just spent two weeks selling poppies at tesco failsworth , the staff are the most friendly and helpfull, they do a tremendous amount for the community and mainly for the armed forces veterans you could not wish for a better store to shop.

  6. I am a little disturbed at the parking in the Sale branch of Tesco and I think it should be made more clear to drivers about the direction of cars. This is the third time now that I have had a problem with cars going the wrong way to the arrows. On this occasion I was turning to go into a lane, only to have woman coming the wrong way out of that particular lane and at a speed not suitable even if she was going the right way. How we avoided a collision I do not know. I tried to point out to her politely that she was travelling in the wrong direction only to get a mouthful of abuse. I am not sure how Tesco can correct this problem but surely there must be some way to avoid collisions in the car park. As for Tesco’s I am completely satisfied and always find the staff to be helpful and courteous. I have shopped there for years and even have a Tesco credit card. Having said that it is tempting to shop elsewhere and know that the parking is a lot safer. Please look into this problem.

  7. This was my first visit to the Leatherhead shop,in two years.
    Much improved,good stock,nice new bakery,loved it.
    I did tell the young man who helped me pack,as I had brought much more then I intended.
    Keep it up,I will be back.


  8. leaving a feedback for Michael got to know him while shopping in store always happy to help and pass the time of day with a smile and joke or two I feel he is an asset to the store keep it up thank you michael

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