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Marriott hotels is asking previous guests to think back to their last visit and take part in the www.surveyfood.com survey and help them improve their customer service and hotels by providing feedback on their experience. Marriott is well-known worldwide for their ability to accommodate high-end customers to family catered apartments. Marriott hotels are iconic in the travel industry and have enjoyed the company of many people staying in their fine hotels worldwide. Marriott resorts feature fantastic swimming pools, restaurants serving delicious food and exceptional customer service.

About Marriott

Founded in 1927 by William Marriott, the international company now boasts more than 4,000 venues worldwide. Marriott hotels was the first to allow people to book their accommodation online. The Marriott World Trade Center was destroyed in the September 11, 2001 attacks. In December 2012, the Guinness Book of Records recognized 5-star hotel in Dubai as the worlds tallest building.

How To Get 250 Marriott Reward Points In The www.surveyfood.com Survey


Marriott www.surveyfood.com Survey

You will require the following:

1. A computer and internet access.
2. A recent receipt.


1. Visit www.surveyfood.com on your computer.
2. On your receipt you will see a 6 digit code which needs to be entered into the space provided.
3. Next, there is a number printed on the receipt next to the servers name. Enter this number also.
4. Then provide the date of your visit to a Marriott venue.
5. Over the next following pages you will be asked a variety of questions about your experiences on your recent visit to a Marriott hotel venue.
6. You will be asked if you enjoyed the facilities and if you had a meal at the restaurant. You will be asked to rate the quality of your meal.
7. When you have completed answering the questions, enter your 9 digit member number. In approximately 5-7 weeks time you will be rewarded with an extra 250 Rewards Points on your Marriott card.

Useful links

Official Survey Page: www.surveyfood.com
Marriott Hotels website: www.marriott.com
Survey Privacy Policy: http://www.inmoment.com/privacy-policy/


250 Marriott Rewards Points on completion.


Providing feedback to Marriott is essential for assisting them in improving their services and quality of their venues. The survey www.surveyfood.com is a fantastic way to express how you feel about your recent visit and the 250 rewards points is a great bonus.

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  1. my service was almond at crappy I was given a cup for water but realized all of it was behind the counter then my order got screwed up I asked fora sandwich and a child’s meal and an adult meal and got s sandwich and 2 kids meals when I asked about it I got more child’s meal?? Oh well

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